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Tropicarium Park

A large area of 3000 square meters is dedicated to the world of animals and the respect for them!

The garden contains over 100 species of animals from 4 different continents allowing you to discover lots of tropical animals in a completely indoor and air-conditioned building. The visit is perfect for a rainy day. The Tropicarium Park in Jesolo is a zoo with many curious animals such as turtles, geckos, amphibians, saurians, tropical and freshwater fish, sharks and crocodiles but also funny penguins and butterflies. The path is entirely passable even with strollers/toddlers.

The park and the exhibition are open every day from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm (last entrance).

TIPS The attraction is located in a central area of the city of Jesolo in piazza Brescia just a few hundred meters from the beach and the sea. The park is 20 minutes by car from the campsite (about 13km).

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