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Lido di Jesolo to Venice by Boat

If you want to leave directly from the beach of Jesolo to make a boat trip to Venice, you can embark on the Moby Dick II. In fact, you can reach Venice and the main islands of the lagoon, such as Murano, Burano, and Torcello, by the sea with this boat. It will be an unforgettable journey between natural suggestions and lightheartedness, to discover the charm of the lagoon known all over the world and above all to visit Venice, a city unique in the world for beauty and art. A trip to the open air for an indelible memory.

Or, throughout the summer, from Monday to Friday, set sail with the pirate crew of the galleon “Jolly Roger” for an exciting boarding adventure on the enemy galleon. An excursion in the middle of the sea, with departures from the beaches of Jesolo, lasting an hour and a half, will take you into the magical world of pirates and his Captain and his crew will guide you to conquer the treasure chest of the enemy galleon. Recalling the historical raids of Jack Sparrow, Black Corsair, and Henry Morgan, the staff will involve you with skill tests, games, and dances and we will transform you into a real pirate with the Black tattoo.

Book your holiday now with Hotel Jet *** which boasts many services: private parking, beach place with sun umbrella and sunbeds, swimming pool with whirlpool, free wi-fi and many others. A pet friendly hotel just a few steps from the sea!

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